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  1. Tim Heslin

    Hi, I hope all is well with you.

    I am working with Russian rock artist, MAX, from the band Nogu Svelo! We would love to talk to you about how we might be able to work together on his new US project, Fast Food Kids. Please let me know if you are interested. Here’s his latest single/video:

    MAX – “My Name Is Dick”:

    More Info on MAX and the project below. Thanks for checking it out!

    Tim Heslin
    Fresh Tracks
    (310) 890-1392

    MAX is a Russian musician and recording artist who is best known as the frontman of the Moscow rock band Nogu Svelo!, which has won numerous awards throughout their lifetime including a Russian MTV Movie Award, the MTV Special Prize, the popular Russian TV Channel 1 “Star” award and many other recognizable awards. Alongside of MAX’s music career he constantly takes part in Russian TV shows. He had a successful stint on “The Last Hero”, the 1st Channel’s version of the world famous reality show “Survivor”.

    Now MAX is busting out his outrageous brand of rock on US soil this year with his upcoming record entitled “Fast Food Kids”. His first single, “My Name Is Dick”, was produced by 2 time Grammy Award winner Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D) in Los Angeles, CA. Paired with an equally as impressive video, “My Name Is Dick” is reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Animal House with a dash of Mad Magazine and Howard Stern like humor thrown in. The video is full of drunken debauchery, an extreme take on Beer Pong, and Max hurling on Captain Jack Sparrow.

    The nine song record is filled with memorable tongue and cheek lyrics combined with a driving rock grooves like “A Big Story about Little Lorie” and “Fast Food Kids” which was produced by Sean Gould (Hollywood Undead, Katy Perry) in Los Angeles. The record is the perfect blend to debut Max’s signature sound. The second single is “Have a Nice Flight” in which the video Max stars as a wacky airline pilot guiding a plane as it spirals out of control and the chaos that ensues.

    There is no doubt MAX is an International Rock Star who has played for millions of fans throughout Europe over the past decade and has been seen on numerous TV shows. His over the top style is a unique mix of high-octane party rock combined with outlandish humor. His boyish charm and undeniable rock star charisma is the perfect blend that makes him MAX.

    Fore More on MAX:

    Buy “My Name Is Dick” on iTunes now:

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